Why Galileo?


Galileo Preschool is one of the best preschools in the Bay Area. We offer a broad, challenging academic program that engages and inspires our students. We encourage you to come by for a visit to learn more about us.

We realize that parents have many options in selecting a school for their child. Many of our families choose Galileo after considering alternatives like Challenger and Stratford. Why do parents choose Galileo? This is what we hear from them:

  • I can feel the love and care of staff as soon as I walk through the doors

  • I love the balanced curriculum; my child learns and has fun at school

  • Galileo Preschool provides a small and intimate learning environment

  • My child is cared for and nurtured as an individual

  • Galileo Preschool helps with potty-training, which is an important developmental milestone for my child

  • Galileo provides meals which is a huge time-saver for me

  • The facilities are huge and spacious, with lots of room for my child to explore and play

  • The students are visibly happy and excited about learning

  • I am able to partner with the school to educate my child

Every child is different, and as a parent, you know best what environment your child will thrive in. We’d be happy to sit down with you to discuss your goals for your child and help you determine whether Galileo Preschool is the right choice for your family.


Tuition rates vary depending on the program your child is enrolled in. Please click the link below for our half-day and full-day tuition rates.

2018-19 Tuition Rates

This is the School for my Child, Now What?


Each of the three classrooms at Galileo Preschool (2-3 year-olds are in Room 1, 3-4 year-olds are in Room 2, and 4-5 year-olds are in Room 3) is currently at maximum capacity. To obtain a spot on our waitlist, you will need to participate in the school’s annual lottery, held in January.

To enter the lottery, you must attend one of our weekly tours and fill out a waitlist form. Please contact us at 408.267.3000 or info@galileopreschool.com to schedule a tour. Additional details about the lottery process are provided below.

Galileo Preschool seeks to enroll students who have the potential to take advantage of its challenging academic program. Galileo Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, national or ethnic origin.

Lottery FAQ

1.       Why does Galileo Preschool use a lottery system?

Galileo Preschool is a very small, private preschool, with only three classrooms. Each school year, we only accept 5-10 families off the waitlist, and we have over 200 applicants annually. 

Previously, it had come to the point where only parents who had visited Galileo before their child was born (typically for an older sibling) had the opportunity to register their child at Galileo. We believed this approach was unsustainable, so similar to oversubscribed charter schools in California, we moved to a lottery system in 2016 to give families a more equitable chance for enrollment.


2.       What is required for a child to register at Galileo Preschool?

a.       Parents must attend an in-person tour in order to complete the waitlist application.

b.      Parents must reply to our quarterly e-mail updates in order to remain active on the waitlist

c.       In January of the school year in which the child would like to enroll, Galileo will conduct a random lottery and assign each family a number on the waitlist.

d.      These families will be called in numerical order as spots become available—assuming their requested program (e.g., three full days) is available—to schedule a 20-minute classroom trial for their child.

e.      During the trial, we are observing for grade-level readiness for our preschool program. Our goal is to ensure that Galileo is the right fit for the child and their family.

f.        Once a successful trial is completed, the families can register their child by paying a non-refundable registration fee, and completing the enrollment paperwork

g.       At this point, the child is guaranteed a spot at Galileo for the upcoming school year!


3.       Why is the waitlist so long? Who gets priority?

The reason that so few spots are available for new students is that the majority of our openings are filled by younger siblings of existing students. The priority order is as follows:

a.       Existing students who would like to expand their schedule

b.      Children of Galileo Preschool staff members

c.       Siblings of existing students and alumni

d.      Children off the waitlist (depending on lottery position and program availability)

4.       How do I enter the lottery?

You will automatically be entered in our annual lottery once you complete a waitlist form when you come for an in-person tour. You will remain in the “Active” pile as long as you respond to our quarterly e-mails confirming your desire to continue on the waitlist.

5.       When will the lottery be held? When will I get the results?
For the 2019-2020 school year (which will commence on August 19, 2019), we will hold the lottery for all three classrooms on January 22, 2019. We will notify families of the results via e-mail that week. If a family visits Galileo after the lottery has been held, it will be given the next available number at the end of the waitlist.


6.       How does the lottery work?

Galileo Preschool uses an internal Excel-based program that randomly assigns a number to each family on the waitlist. We will share the results of this process by e-mail to each family on our waitlist.

7.       What are my chances of getting a spot at Galileo?

Our number of openings change each year, but historically:

·         Room 1 (2-3 yo class): ~ 10% of applicants

·         Room 2 (3-4 yo class): ~ 5% of applicants

·         Room 3 (4-5 yo class): Typically 0 students, sometimes 1 if a family moves

8.       What if my child doesn’t get in? Will s/he get in the following year?

We rerun the lottery for each classroom every January. Thus, you will be assigned a new number each January. We understand that this can be frustrating for families; however, this approach is in line with that of California charter schools. We understand that life is fluid and dynamic, and believe it is unreasonable for families to plan for their child’s preschool over two years in advance.

Please contact info@galileopreschool.com for any additional questions.