Galileo Preschool offers a well-rounded, engaging curriculum. Regardless of the subject, we aim to make all activities hands-on, and offer children the option of further independent explorations of topics they are interested in. Our aim is to inspire students and get them excited about learning. Our age-appropriate curriculum is comprised of twelve areas. Please visit our school to get a copy of the most up-to-date schedule for your child's class.

1. Reading and Writing

In order for children to be kindergarten-ready, literacy is a core component of Galileo Preschool's curriculum. Children are provided with a print-rich environment and exposed to a variety of language experiences. Circle times are filled with posing questions and opportunities for children to freely express themselves. The language and reading concepts that children participate in are as follows:

  • Describing art work and activities
  • Show and tell
  • Leading circle time activities: calendar, weather, daily helper
  • Learning and reinforcing phonics and letter sounds
  • Building up to reading words and age-appropriate books
  • Identifying, tracing, and writing the uppercase and lowercase alphabet

2. Math

Math concepts are critical to help children understand the world around them.  Children are surrounded by math from primacy: How old are you? We'll be home in 15 minutes. Today is October 2nd. Just 3 more bites and then you can play. At Galileo Preschool we try to take advantage of these every day situations as learning opportunities to teach math. Our Pre-K math curriculum is aligned with the California Common Core, so our students are more than ready for Kindergarten. Some sample activities include:

  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Daily calendar
  • Sensorial activities such as comparing and sorting
  • Number recognition and counting
  • Telling time
  • Estimating
  • Basic addition and subtraction
  • Measurements and weighing
  • Patterning

3. Creative Arts

Art is a staple of early childhood education. Children will have creative activities each and every day. The range of activities is as expansive as the teachers' imagination! Some sample activities include:

  • Outdoor painting on acrylic easels
  • Sculpting with play dough
  • Construction paper, mixed-media crafts
  • Cutting and creating books for the students to "author"
  • Finger painting in the classroom
  • Crafts with food items, e.g. macaroni necklaces

4. Science

Science is an important component in the Galileo Preschool curriculum. Children thrive in a hands-on environment where they are able to use their senses to learn about their world. The following activities will are offered in our programs:

  • Understanding and observing weather
  • Engaging in science activities and making predictions
  • Conducting simple experiments
  • Problem solving with other children and adults
  • Observing plant and animal life cycles
  • Age-appropriate robotics activities to stimulate an understanding of basic physics principles

5. Geography

As part of our mission to develop children to be well-rounded, global citizens, the students will be exposed to the cultures and lifestyles of their counterparts around the world. Students will be able to identify the continents on a map, as well as major land and water forms. The curriculum includes:

  • Recognizing my home, my city, my community
  • Studying the continent and culture of: North America, The Arctic Regions, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, Australia
  • Learning land and water forms: cape, bay, peninsula, gulf, lake, island, archipelago
  • The "International Fashion Show" will allow students to share the dress, language, and food of their culture

6. Foreign Language

The first five years of a child's life are the most important for brain development. Young children have an ability to learn language at a much faster than adults. At Galileo Preschool, we take advantage of this period of rapid brain growth by exposing children to foreign language through conversation, songs, and identifying basic objects. Programs include:

  • Spanish
  • American Sign Language

    7. Music

    All children are musical, and music as a part of a preschool's core curriculum makes full use of its impact on young children. We’re all sound-makers and movers from birth, so moving and making music is natural to us in all our developmental activities. Programs include:

    • Singing and following the lyrics of a song with associated hand actions
    • Guitar/piano accompanied music
    • Instruction in playing the drums, xylophone, shakers, and bells

    8. Dance

    Children are naturally joyous, and dance allows children to express themselves and work off their energy in a safe, constructive way. Programs include:

    • Expression through movement
    • Walk, jump, march, gallop, skate, tiptoe
    • Freeze dance
    • Animal action

    9. Computers

    Children have an intuitive relationship with technology and new research shows that incorporating technology at the preschool level improves math and literacy outcomes. Our computer lab allows children to supplement classroom learning with fun follow-on educational activities. We often see children type (recognizing letters) before they can write. Our computer curriculum includes:

    • Programs in which children work on recognizing colors, numbers, and shapes
    • Games in which students have to match objects
    • Games which develop fine motor skills by requiring children to move and click the mouse
    • Word processing in which students can write notes and letters to classmates, parents, teachers, and friends, with the help of an adult

    10. Community Service

    In an effort to develop globally aware students, our curriculum includes opportunities for age-appropriate community service. Our community service activities:

    • Planting and gardening
    • Litter pick-up
    • Nutrition activities, in partnership with Whole Foods
    • Librarian visits, and instruction about community resources
    • Fire and police department visits and safety lessons

    11. Physical Development

    Galileo Preschool has a variety of indoor and outdoor equipment that enhance physical development throughout the day. Children can participate in the following activities:

    • Riding bikes around in the marked path around the playground
    • Climbing, swinging and sliding on our outdoor play structure
    • Small motor activities such as digging and constructing in our sand pit
    • Pouring, mixing and comparing using our outdoor water table
    • Hand/Eye coordination activities such as throwing basketballs in hoops, catching, and kicking balls
    • Basic yoga and stretching to help the children wind down at the end of the day